Practicing on a Plane

Vindor ES1 on a Plane.jpg

I've never been able to practice music when people are listening in or watching me. I once had a friend want to watch me practice, and as much as I wanted to let them, it made it into a performance and I just played them some songs instead of working on things where I needed to improve. Practicing has always been a very personal space for me where I work on the things with which I'm weakest, and it's hard to show that weakness to other people.

A few weeks ago, I traveled from Boston to Seattle to visit some friends and some people throw some fish around. Seattle's a great spot, but it is a pretty long plane ride away. So, I did the only reasonable thing a saxophonist could do and bring my Vindor ES1 with me in my carry-on bag in case I had some down time on my trip. I was so sure the TSA was going to ask me about this device, but surprisingly it went through the screening without an issue.

Playing Vindor ES1 in the Sky.jpg

About an hour into the trip, I got tired of reading and wanted to do something more active, so instead of playing a game on my phone, I decided to take out the ES1 and practice with it through my earbuds. I had a couple of songs I had to learn for some videos we were shooting, so why not practice when I had a couple of hours where I couldn’t do anything else? It was awesome. I was in my own world practicing these songs and both of the people next to me had no idea. My wife was busy reading a book, and the kid who was on my other side was having fun playing video games. The Vindor ES1 even fit comfortably with the seat table down, so I could put my phone down to look at music transcriptions. I got a good hour or so of practicing in before the plane had to start landing.

I never thought that I’d play saxophone on an airplane, but here we are.

Vindor: Pilot program completed: The ES1 journey continues...

On behalf of the team at Vindor Music I’m excited to share an update on the ES1, our electronic saxophone.

We’ve completed our pilot program, which included a collaboration with ZUMIX, a Boston-based nonprofit dedicated to building community through music and the arts. Joel, our chief musicologist, was able to spend time with the students to show them the ES1, play alongside them, and answer questions. Here’s feedback from Corey DePina, the youth development and performance manager at ZUMIX:

“The electronic saxophone workshop experience here at ZUMIX was priceless. Allowing our students the opportunity to play a new instrument, and to understand the engineering and creation of such a product, was illuminating. They got to ask the Vindor team about the process of making the instrument, and the ES1’s electronic saxophone workshop inspired and granted access for students to play and think creatively about music, technology and engineering.”

It was crucial to our team that we included children in the pilot program because the ES1 is designed for anyone over the age of six to easily and affordably learn the saxophone, clarinet, or flute. The students at ZUMIX were alongside testers of all different skill levels and ages including saxophone enthusiasts and music professionals. Working across these different groups has allowed us to gather vital feedback so we could “fine-tune” the ES1’s usability, features and ergonomics. And now we are ready for the next stage.

Our vision is to make music fun, easy and accessible by changing how people learn to play musical instruments. Please join us – sign up via our homepage for updates and news on the ES1, music education and events we’ll be at as we continue to increase awareness of the ES1 ready for its formal launch this Fall.