Firmware Update 2019-01-14


  1. Windows 10 MIDI-only USB bug. Symptoms: Occasionally, in some versions of Windows 10 and other proprietary devices, the Vindor ES1 will fail to load if it is configured in MIDI-only mode. By default, the Vindor ES1 is a MIDI and Audio device and it will not be affected by this bug. In Windows 10, this bug shows up as a Code 10 error. This fix addresses this issue.

  2. Headphone noise when connected to USB. When the Vindor ES1 is connected to a computer, noise from the USB port can cause interference in the headphone. A software fix mitigates some of this interference. The line-out/amplifier jack is not affected by this.


  1. Menu system triggered by pressing the top white button. Navigate using octave keys and select using the top white button. See the Menu page for more details.

  2. Cut-off filter moved dynamically with changes in pitch.

  3. SD card support using WAV files.

  4. Improved MIDI support.

    1. Allow NoteOn velocity to be driven by either breath pressure or a fixed number to improve compatibility.

    2. Send portamento and legato messages as appropriate.

    3. Tighter timing on control messages.