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Electronic Saxophone


The Vindor ES1 eliminates the frustration and cost of learning to play a saxophone or clarinet.

  • Priced starting at $249, it's cheaper than renting a saxophone.

  • By digitally reproducing tones, it eliminates the squeaks and squawks that are so frustrating for beginners.

  • And headphones help keep parents sane.

Finger placement same as saxophone.

Finger placement same as saxophone.

Fingering Just Like a Real Sax

The buttons are placed just like they are on a saxophone. So any sax player can pick it up and play without effort. And if you master the Vindor, a sax is a piece of cake.

In tune

Unlike a sax, you don't need to learn how to vibrate a reed, thus eliminating a big source of frustration for beginners. Squeaks, squawks and being out of tune are a thing of the past.

Headphones & Amplifiers

A built-in audio jack works with either headphones or a regular guitar amplifier. Parents and neighbors will love the headphones. Your bandmates will love the amplifier.


The Vindor has a built-in synthesizer capable of generating a number of distinctive sounds. While it may never be mistaken for a real saxophone, it will give you a great tone so you can make your own unique sound.

Many Instruments in One

You can switch to different modes, such as Flute or Clarinet with the flip of a switch. 

USB MIDI, guitar amplifier and headphones.

USB MIDI, guitar amplifier and headphones.

Fits in a backpack.

Fits in a backpack.


At under 16" the Vindor Digital Saxophone is light and portable and easily fits in a backpack.

Rechargeable Battery

The rechargeable battery provides over 4 hours of untethered play time. You can play it anywhere and anytime, indoors or outside. No cables. No hassles.


The Digital Saxophone connects to any USB connector, both to charge the battery and to communicate using MIDI with Garage Band and other DAW applications.

iPhone and iPad

Using the Apple Camera adapter, the Vindor seamlessly works with any iPhone or iPad synthesizer and DAW app.