Vindor Music Shipping Electronic Saxophone

Low-cost Electronic Wind Instrument Appeals to Beginners and Advanced Players

BOSTON, MA – December 19, 2018 – Vindor Music, a developer of affordable electronic instruments, has begun shipping it’s flagship low cost electronic saxophone, the Vindor ES1.  

Held and played like a saxophone, the Vindor ES1 is lightweight, durable and designed so that children over six years old, high schoolers and adults can easily play it.  With a price tag under $250 USD, the ES1 is also designed to be much more accessible and affordable than traditional woodwind instruments.

Vindor Music ran a successful crowdfunding campaign last year to fund the first manufacturing batch, provide test instruments to local musicians and run several successful pilot programs in Boston-area schools.

“We want to make music more accessible for everyone,” said Fen Trias, CEO of Vindor Music. “The Vindor ES1 is simple enough for beginners, yet has sophisticated features for advanced players.”

With touchpads that mirror a saxophone’s keys, the Vindor ES1 offers a very quick learning experience compared to a traditional saxophone. Many of the initial difficulties in learning a woodwind instrument have been removed so beginner musicians can start playing the songs they want to learn right away.  Players can also intuitively transfer skills learned on the Vindor ES1 to a traditional saxophone, clarinet or flute.

The Vindor ES1’s headphone jack allows players to practice anywhere at any time — including in noisy environments — without worrying about disturbing other people. The amplifier jack makes it possible to play with a band or in a performance space. The instrument is also MIDI-compatible and can work with MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS.

“It's our top priority to design an instrument that's fun and easy to play,” said Joel Edinberg, chief musicologist for Vindor Music. “We've tested the instrument with people of all ages and musical levels, from seven-year-olds to professional musicians. I've been amazed at how quickly everyone was able to learn the instrument, including the people who have never played a saxophone. Beginners and hobbyists appreciate how easy it is to play, and the professionals really enjoy its cool and unique sound, quick response, and four-octave span. Whenever I take it out for a gig, it always draws a lot of interest from the audience.”  

The Vindor ES1 is available directly from Vindor Music’s website ( and on Amazon.

The most important features are:

  • ⅛” Headphone jack

  • ¼” line output jack

  • Built-in speaker

  • MIDI through USB, compatible with MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS

  • Rechargeable battery with 4 hours of play time

  • Motion-sensitive pitch bending

  • Capacitive touch keys

  • Standard clarinet mouthpiece

  • 4-octave range

  • Transposition to any key

  • Built-in programmable synthesizer

  • 3 oscillators, low-pass filter, and modulation

  • Sample player with MicroSD card

  • Connects into effects pedals 

About Vindor Music Inc.

Vindor Music designs musical instruments that are both accessible and fun to play for musicians of all levels. We are rethinking musical instruments to both sound great and have a very short learning curve. For more information about Vindor Music please visit

Twitter: @VindorMusic

Portable design, lightweight and simplilicy provide elegance in any situation.

A headphone jack, a 1/4” amplifier jack and USB connection enable musicians to play in any situation.


The Vindor is compatible with effects pedals and other pro sound equipment.

Practice in peace using headphones.

Practice in peace using headphones.

Young players appreciate not having to worry about embouchure, covering holes or pressing delicate keys.

Young players appreciate not having to worry about embouchure, covering holes or pressing delicate keys.