iPhone and iPad Use

The Vindor ES1 can plug into the Apple camera adapter and function with any iOS synthesizer


Apple has two versions of their USB adapter. You can use either one with the Vindor ES1.

  • MD821AM: Compact adapter.
  • MK0W2AM: Chainable adapter.

You can buy these directly from Apple, or online in stores like Amazon and Newegg.


By default, the Vindor ES1 will mix the output of the iPhone/iPad to it’s own sound for listening on the Vindor’s headphone jack. If you just want to hear the audio output of the iPhone, you can plug the headphones directly into your iPhone. If this is not possible, you can turn off the Vindor’s synthesizer using the Menu: Sys / Synth / Off.

MIDI APPS Any App that supports Core MIDI should work. Most synthesizer Apps support Core MIDI, even if they do not say so explicitly. By default, the Vindor ES1 behaves like a standard MIDI keyboard.

Many sellers sell cheap imitation adapters. You might be tempted to buy one of these. We have tried many on the market and they rarely work. Some will work for a few weeks then stop working. Many will not work with newer versions of iOS. For this reason, the Vindor ES1 only supports the official Apple adapter, and we discourage you from buying a generic adapter.