Battery 700 mAh Li-ion for 4 hours of play time
USB MIDI and Audio device
Audio 24-bit stereo
Octaves Configurable for 2 or 4; shiftable
Transposition Bb, Eb, C, A, F, D, or arbitrary
Plugs Micro USB, Headphone, 1/4" jack
Speaker 4W, 8ohm
Synth Additive synthesis and samples with SD card
Basic MIDI Note, Ptich bending, Aftertouch, Continiuous Controls [see Note 1]
CC Rate Configurable to 5 ms per CC
Hires MIDI Supports 14-bit messages (16384 or 4096 steps vs 127 for basic MIDI) [see Note 2]


  1. Breath events can be sent as Velocity, Aftertouch, Breath Control (CC2), Volume (CC7), or Expression (CC11). Custom Controls are also possible.
  2. In addition to the basic messages, the Vindor will also send a Hires message if your synth supports it. This increases the resolution of all messages from 7-bit (127 steps) to 14-bit (16384 steps).