New Prototype Model

We’ve learned a lot over the last year and decided it was time to revise the prototype. The style has been streamlined and modernized.

Gone is the grill at the bottom. Instead of being at the bottom, the speaker is now at the top behind the new logo. This provides better projection of the sound. The thumb hook has been moved to increase comfort for all hand sizes.

The buttons have been given a slight convex curve to provide tactile feedback that helps you keep proper form.

We’ve added a 1/4″ jack to be used just for effects pedals and guitar amplifiers, eliminating the need for an adapter to go from from a 1/8″ headphone jack to standard 1/4″ jack.

Internally, the firmware continues to evolve and improve in performance. USB Audio has been added to the USB MIDI so that now, if you connect the Vindor to a computer, you can more easily play along to videos and synths. We’ve added support for iPads, iPhones and some Android devices. Alas, not all Android devices will work well because of latency issues.


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