Vindor Music awarded City of Somerville grant

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We are delighted to announce we have secured support and funding from City of Somerville’s Engineers-in-Residence program!  This will support us as we continue to work to bring the Vindor ES1 electronic saxophone to market and as we finalize all design and pre-manufacturing phases before we launch our funding in October. 

It makes us part of the first round of Engineers-in-Residence program backed by the City of Somerville, Greentown Labs, and the Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium.

We want to thank all parties who make this possible and make Massachusetts such a great location for startups and innovators. Access to programs like this really helps companies such as us to address manufacturing challenges and to make our visions real.

You can read our announcement on this here – we would like to thank you everyone who has helped us to secure this and all of you who continue to support us as we rethink musical instruments!

As we continue to take strides to bring the Vindor ES1 to market, we are sharing updates, offers and insights – sign up here to get the news first.


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